DIAMOND DOTZ  Superman Dotzbox 15 x 15cm
DIAMOND DOTZ  Superman Dotzbox 15 x 15cm

DIAMOND DOTZ Superman Dotzbox 15 x 15cm

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Superman Dotzbox 15 x 15cm
About Dotz Box

Dotz® Box is like paint by numbers but with shiny beads, follow the colour chart to dot the design yourself with these all-inclusive kits containing pre-printed cardboard canvas, stylus, tray, wax and instructions. You will love the ease, fun and relaxation whilst you create your craft, resulting in a quick gorgeous artwork for yourself or as a great gift for kids. Available in 15cm, 28cm and a selection of personalised designs in 22cm x 22cm. Use the personalised designs to create a letter or small message, perfect for a kids room door, walls and more with leftover glue easily sealed with glitter for even more sparkle!
  • Pre-printed cardboard with Diamond Dotz special adhesive
  • Diamond Dotz pre-sorted by shade
  • Stylus, craft tray & wax
  • Instructions included
Packaging Dimensions: 3.0 x 15.0 x 15.0 cm