Aches & Pains Essential Oil 3 pack
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Aches & Pains Essential Oil 3 pack

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Not only does Frankincense help with pain & inflammation on its own, it's also been shown to help boost the effects of other essential oils you combine it with.  

An Aussie native, Kunzea is relatively new to the world of essential oils.  In the short time it's been around though, arthritis & chronic pain sufferers are singing its praises. 

The analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits of this essential oil make it both a natural pain reliever and work directly at the site of inflammation to soothe aches & pains.

To use:
Each oil can be used on its own, but we find them best when combined.  5 drops of each oil in 10ml of carrier oil.  Massage directly onto effected area when you need relief.