Aromatherapy Starter Kit 6 Value Pack Collection

Aromatherapy Starter Kit 6 Value Pack Collection

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With these 6 essential oils in your kit there's nothing you can't tackle.

Lavender Essential Oil gently calms the spirit and promotes relaxation and healing. Well known for its use in aiding sleep and relaxation, Lavender is also a powerful oil to have in your first aid kit due to it's high levels on anti-bacterial, anti-microbial & anti-viral properties.

Tea Tree:
One of the most versatile and well researched essential oils.  Tea Tree has been used far and wide and proven in many studies to be effective at fighting bacterial, fungal & viral infections.   Keep Tea Tree in the first aid kit year round to use to clean cuts & scrapes to prevent infection.

Studies have suggested that Lemon essential oil helps to stimulate the production of white blood cells which are important in our bodies ability to help fight off infection.  Lemon has also been shown to have Anti-Microbial properties which help purify the air of contaminates. 

We're all familiar with this's been in natural cold & flu remedies for hundreds of years.  In fact it was in huge demand to help control the flu outbreak of 1919!  It's been well documented that Eucalyptus has anit-fungal, antimicrobial & anti-viral properties.  It's also an amazing decongestant.

Known as the King of essential oils and for good reason.  There's not much this oil can't tackle.  Its calming and grounding effects help to reduce stress & nervousness whilst its soothing properties help to clear skin blemishes and reduce inflammation.  When it comes to coughs and colds Frankincense can help open the airways and clear congestion.

Its ability to help both mind and body, puts Geranium on our must have list.  Use topically to help balance both dry and oily skin, treat burns, wounds and promote skin regeneration.  Ease the stresses of the day & unwind by diffusing Geranium, it's floral fragrances will have you relaxed in no time.